Here we are in January of 2015 and the battle for the Republican nomination for President is already shaping up.

From the moderate, Wall Street wing of the Republican Party we have Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie. And from the conservative wing of the party we have the prospective candidacies of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and what promises to be the second tier of candidates, Mike Huckabee, and Perry of Texas. It remains to be seen if Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin will choose to run.

This promises to be a key election for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. There is a definite split in the party between what is called the conservative, hard right, Tea Party and Evangelical wing and the Wall Street wing of the party.

If you listen to talk radio and candidates like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, if only the Republican Party would  nominate a true conservative like Ronald Reagan, Republicans would win the Presidency.

The problem with the Conservative talking points regarding this coming election is the fact that Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida is running for President. With his candidacy comes name recognition and money. Money is still the mother’s milk of politics, and with that fact no matter how mainstream Jeb Bush is and how the logic would  make him unlikely to win, the fact that he has name recognition and will have oodles of money to fund his campaign, he should be considered the favorite to win.

Ordinarily I would think that the hard core grassroots supporters of the Republican Party would determine the winner and that still might come to pass, but the fact that money has such a major role in politics these days makes another Bush a tough man to beat.

Perhaps the Koch brothers and other hard right money bags, can compete on an equal basis, dollar for dollar. If that occurs and the Koch brothers fund a Rand Paul or a Ted Cruz then, my fellow political fans we will have a horse race to see who will win.

Actually, with the field being crowded, the field of candidates that is, Romney and Bush might crowd each other out in the race for delegates.

I would love to hear from you the voters or those who read this blog, on who you think the Republican candidate will be.

England has seen the rise of their own Tea Party, the UKIP Party, the United Kingdom Independent Party. The polls indicate that this new political party has gained significant support in the country. Will the same thing happen in America if the party does not nominate a conservative?

If the Republicans do not nominate a true conservative, to use their language, will the Republican Party survive as we know it? Or will the party split into two Parties, a Conservative Party and a Republican Party?

Let’s hear from you on what you think!!!!


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