The Republican Party mantra is about having less government and less governmental interference in our daily lives. This is hypocrisy at it’s utmost. What a joke!

The Republican led state of Oklahoma is an excellent example of hypocrisy in action. Governor Mary Fallen just signed a bill in April of 2014 banning any minimum wage increase in the state by any municipalities.

Towns and cities are places where change occurs, democracy in action with local residents, city councils and Mayors working together on a local level to pass ordinances and laws to fit their local needs and wants. But no, stop, the state of Oklahoma is saying you can’t do that, we are banning a city’s ability to do that. Talk about governmental interference in people’s lives.

Oklahoma in it’s infinite wisdom,  in 2014, passed a surcharge on anyone wanting to put solar panels on their roofs. Solar power is a proven way to cut energy costs. Here we have Governor Fallen bowing to the wishes of the state electric utility’s to keep competition at bay by adding a surcharge to what it would cost to put solar power on your house. I guess if you are a friend of big business it is okay to interfere into the private lives of people who would like to have an alternative energy source. It also might be against the massive interest of the goal and gas industry to have competition as well. So much for letting the market forces be free to work for all of us. Free enterprise is not free when a monopoly costs we the taxpayers more money, by in essence forcing us to use a certain power source.

The Keystone pipeline is another example of when big business speaks the Republican Party listens and then follows their marching orders. Private Property owners along the path of the pipeline aren’t being listened to at all. What is the Republican answer to the concerns of the citizens along the path of the proposed pipeline regarding the safety of the source of their drinking water?

The Republican Party is the apologist and the advocate for whatever Big Business and Wall Street want. When they are asked to jump they respond by saying how high?

Water is another example of a dogmatic insistence on allowing monopolies to control the price of water. The so-called public utility commissions never find a rate increase proposed by the water monopolies that they don’t like. Whether it is a surcharge on saving on water usage or charging we the people an ever increasing price for water, the so-called advocates for less government find it difficult to not go along with higher water charges for a basic necessity. If there is any money in it for corporations it is hard to find a Republican who is against whatever companies want to charge.

We have a new sheriff in town and that is Corporate America, they pay our elected officials off and they pretend to be against big government. Their hypocrisy is so bad there is no help for the little guy or the Middle Class. But if your biggest contributor is on the phone wanting to talk to their man or woman in office, your representative will pick up the phone and say how can I help you?


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