In a severe breach of protocol, Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, unilaterally invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a Joint Session of Congress. He did this without any consultation with the White House nor with any leaders of the Democratic Party.

Serious negotiations are under way between the United States and Iran regarding a peaceful settlement of the issue of the development of the Iranian Nuclear program. By Speaker Boehner’s actions, he is attempting to conduct foreign policy and he is by his actions throwing a monkey wrench into the negotiations.

The President of the United States is given under the Constitution the power to negotiate treaty’s. Congress does not have that power. Speaker Boehner is meddling, he has no authority to negotiate treaties.

Bibi’s speech would come around 2 weeks before the Israeli election. The United States should stay out of their politics. Netanyahu has problems back home. Even Mossad, the Israeli intelligence Agency is uncharacteristically open about their problems with the Republican Party’s notion of adding additional sanctions against Iran while the negotiations are going on. Their rather public comments have undercut the Prime Minister of Israel’s position.

You would think that the Republican Party had become the war party. They brought us the war in Iraq, searching for the invisible weapons of mass destruction. They also brought us a war in Afghanistan. No one wins a war in Afghanistan unless you are Alexander the Great. And Alexander did not live long enough to see how long his victory would last.

It’s amazing how allergic the Republican Party has become to diplomacy. Outside of Senator Rand Paul, it is hard to find any leaders of the Republican Party who are not supporters of any potential war. War should not be the first choice but the last choice but the Neo-Cons seem to support any war.

The American people are tired of war. We seem to have had a long period of uninterrupted military conflict. That is great news for the Military Industrial Complex but bad news for Americans.

Iran is a country of 77 million people. The prospect of war with Iran should frighten us all. We should give peace a chance.

As usual the biggest advocates for military action have never served in combat. Speaker Boehner was in the military for 8 weeks before he was honorably discharged. Vice President Cheney had 5 deferments. President George W. Bush found his way from Texas to the National Guard in Alabama. What a lucky man to know someone. There were thousands of young men who served in Vietnam who would have loved to have had his gift of a position in the guard in a state that he did not live in.

Republican claim that Iran cannot be trusted. They talk about bombing Iran. Bombing is not the answer diplomacy is. It is to Iran’s interest to find a way to settle the issue peaceably.

Our government should be given every chance to find a solution through diplomacy. I do not know what to call Speaker Boehner’s actions. But I do know this, partisanship does not belong in matters of war and peace. The potential loss of life in a war with Iran is too horrible to contemplate, as well as the negative consequences the world economy would have with such a war.  Speaker Boehner was not nor has he ever been elected President of the United States. He has no constitutional authority to negotiate treaties and he should stay out of meddling into the serious negotiating that is going on between our government and Iran. Give Peace a Chance!!!


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