Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier they have in the best Congress that money can buy. Congressman Brat, you remember him, he was the reactionary who defeated Eric Cantor, is leading the effort to defeat a very strong border security bill.

The bill up for consideration comes from the House leadership. Their goal in the bill is to eliminate the ability of any people to cross the border, illegally or without papers. The idea that you can make a fence work to the point that no one can get over it or through it is not logical. You can always find a way if you are desperate.

But, dog on it, the bill does not satisfy the conspiracy theorists among the reactionary members of the Republican House. They see the bill as amnesty. Really!!!! They see the House leadership caving in on the funding of the Homeland Security Agency. I guess these new Congresspersons find the prospect of any immigrants coming to this country frightening.

My fellow citizens we have elected absolutists to Congress. If you are a member of Congress, you can not realistically expect everything you want in a bill. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. If this is the way the Republicans are going to act to where among their own caucus consensus is not the goal but unanimity than let’s send them all home. Stop wasting our money, and go take a civics class on how our system of government is supposed to work. Especially, you all need to actually read the Constitution. Pick up a dictionary if you don’t know what a word means. Try reading a little of what people like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and other founders had to say.  Stop getting your marching orders from FOX, Rush Limbaugh, and Erick Erickson . Try to ignore the anti-federalist arguments, they lost their fight. And by the way, we the people are your bosses and not the Koch Brothers. Government does not work without compromise. If you can not be independent of these so-called conservative voices go home and save the taxpayers the aggravation of having to go through these ridiculous machinations. I prefer smart government to inefficient and ineffective government, but the complete breakdown of governing means you are fired for the failure to honor your oath of office.


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