Governor Scott Walker hopes to catapult his Presidential aspirations by winning the Iowa Republican Primary.

In a cast of many, the Republican hopefuls will trot out their campaign themes and try to ingratiate themselves to Iowans.

The initial 2 presidential primaries have had a huge effect on the outcome in the past. Iowa and New Hampshire are politics of the up, close and personal variety, as each candidate attempts to gain an advantage in an attempt to prove their viability. They visit as many voters as possible in what amounts to a grueling test of endurance. The race to the White House is not for the faint of heart nor the weakly organized. Pressing the flesh and kissing babies is an American experience, that is truly unique.

Scott Walker does not try to hide his disdain for Washington. He is attempting to sell the American people on the idea that power should move away from Washington to the individual states. That is an idea that may seem attractive especially to a weary nation, tired of gridlock and looking for results instead of posturing. Mr. Walker leads in the initial polling but then it is extremely early. We are a year away, and we have seen the withering effects of media scrutiny.

As a governor of a state, he will attempt to market his experience. His appeal might be greater than one would expect. Winning the Iowa primary in recent years has not had the effect it once had, though. Rick Santorum and Michele Bachman are cases on point, in that they did well in Iowa but saw their campaigns flame out.

The race to the White House in 2016, might prove different. The public might be looking for a new face, and Governor Walker represents that, a new face in a crowded field. Many of the others have already experienced the media scrutiny that occurs. Governor Walker of all of the candidates has the experience of having undergone some difficult campaigns for governor. His state is not that far away, and surprisingly, he has a small lead in the polls, in spite of little name recognition nationally. It is so early that most of the voters have not turned their attention to the up and coming race.

Get your programs out and your pencil ready, as we are just warming up. What is hard to believe is that there are so many candidates for a job that is a killer, a job full of responsibility and daunting in its difficulty but here we are just the same.

What is frustrating as an election observer for most of my life, is the fact that our campaigns now start when the last one ended. I think the voters want a break don’t you?


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