I hear rumblings from abroad about the concern that part of the civilized world has for America. Have we gone crazy? Has someone put something in the water?

That must be it, someone put something in the water and it must have been the flouride, according to that great oracle and sage Pat Robertson. He raised the question of whether we should use vaccines and flouride? You’ve got to be kidding me. Oh, that’s right, he’s the one who talks to God.

Yes, I too, have begun to worry. The idea that we could have elected some of these bozos is amazing, shocking really. Here we are in 2015, not 1492, when people thought the earth was flat. We’ve been to the moon but some people would deny it.

The internet has allowed us to communicate instantly without wires or any visible means to allow it to work. But here we are talking in America about vaccines causing mental disease, or how have restaurant workers not be forced to wash their hands keep after going to the bathroom. Just today a Congressman Mo Brooks blamed the recent outbreak of measles on illegal aliens. So even though the children had not been vaccinated, that had nothing to do with it? By the way, why not blame it on the aliens, they came from a different planet. Ha! Ha! But then, again it must be Obama’s fault. They blame him for everything even bad weather. Then we have the climate change deniers who have stuck their collective heads in the sand while glaciers melt and extreme weather volatility has become the norm. A Congressman from Texas claims that wind power is finite. An elected official in Oklahoma wants marriages to only be performed by a religious person. A Governor in Arkansas just signed a bill making it illegal for municipalities to raise the minimum wage. The list goes on and on and on. What the heck is going on? Has all of that LSD taken in the 60’s finally caught up with us?

Let us not forget that the crazies are not limited to Congress. Glenn Beck that fountain of thought, claims after Chris Christie and Rand Paul’s comments about vaccinations, that people who advocate not taking vaccines are being persecuted. This idea is kind of the reverse of what happened during the Inquisition when Galileo was worried for his life. I do not believe that any of these gadfly’s who are willing to put our children and grandchildren at risk are being persecuted. They are just being ridiculed for being stupid and dangerous.

We have lost to retirement one of the greatest examples of utter incompetence, Michele Bachmann. But we still have two left who challenge ones imagination and cause a persons jaw to drop. Congressman Gohmert of Tyler, Texas, is such an example. Such pearls of wisdom include his comments such as “Caribou enjoy the warmth of an oil pipeline.” Regarding the massacre at Aurora, Colorado, “Holmes didn’t have the fear of a vengeful unforgiving God. And then there was his nomination of Allen West to be Speaker of the House, when he should have known that West had lost the election and could not be nominated.

Congressman King is another winner from Iowa but you get the picture, none of these people will ever win at the game of Jeopardy. Not everyone should be a member of Congress, it is a place where you would hope we would have the best among us.

The great irony and part of the confusion is that we, the people, have elected to Congress, people who want to shut down government. They wanted to be elected to represent us to shut it down. Interesting!

Perhaps part of my frustration is due to the media paying any attention to these deniers of science, math and the Age Of Reason. Maybe the nonsense and drivel spewed by these examples of this anti-intellectual period in our history will lose their novelty soon and we will move on.

I can only presume that the craziness will continue and that we will continue to be entertained by all of the nonsense. Governing 300 plus million people is serious business. Enough is enough. It is not funny when we face so many issues that need to be addressed while those who have been elected to deal with these issues get caught up in controversies that we thought science and society had conquered long ago. But there is just no fixing stupid or crazy!!!!



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