Wyoming is attempting to pass a law that would make it legal to discriminate against gays. It would put into law a business’s right to deny service to a gay person, if it offended their religious beliefs. Believe or not this law was introduced by an alleged minister, who portrays himself as a man of God.

Not too long ago, a woman at a Starbucks coffee house wanted to enter into a discussion I was having regarding voting rights. But she did not want to talk about voting rights, she wanted to talk about marriage equality. She claimed that she had a problem with gays. Claiming to be a religious person she said that gays have an agenda. Really, what is it?

If the anger and hate had a rationale there would be room for discussion. Did Jesus ever say anything about homosexuals? Well, no he did not. There is nothing in the Bible regarding Jesus even using the word.

For those who espouse to be Christians they come up with these lame excuses like well, yes but Jesus said things that did not occur in the Bible. Well, that is true, but common on now, are we to pretend to be so self righteous we know what he would say. I do know that he said that we were all children of God, and that we are supposed to love our neighbor. Therefore, where is the love if you are to deny gays rights that others have?

When I was raised in the South, in New Orleans in particular, you got the feeling that gays are supposed to be treated different. They were considered yucky, odd, different than normal people.

Hmmn! I am happy I have evolved to believe that even though I am a heterosexual, it is okay to be gay. They are human beings just like the rest of us.

Is fear part of the hate? But what is the fear based on? Is it a rationale fear that somehow being associated with a gay person might turn you gay?

Everyone is born and everyone dies, the same. Gays are born, the way they are. History has many examples of the tremendous accomplishments of people of just happen to have sex differently. Plato, Socrates and others have contributed mightily to our world. Without Alan Turing we would not have broken the enigma code, and our victory in World War II would have been much more problematic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just let people live their lives, in the French way and live and let live? Life is too short to allow government to intrude into people’s personal lives. Certain things like sex and a person’s faith or lack of faith in God are no ones business but there own. If people are so concerned about institution of marriage than let’s work to make marriages more successful. Maybe the next thing that the authoritarian evangelicals will want is to make divorce illegal, or bring back the notion that people of different races should not marry.

Thomas Jefferson said that we were endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and that all men were created equal. The Declaration of Independence does not qualify that remark. It doesn’t say but I did not mean to include people of color or of a different sexual preference, Jefferson stated all Men.

Let us leave peoples private lives remain private, that is the essence of liberty.


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