These are good days for Governor Mark Dayton and Minnesota. In contrast to what’s the matter with Kansas, everything is turning up roses for Minnesota. He has been called the most successful governor in the United States.

When Governor Dayton raised taxes on the top 2% of Minnesotans, Republicans promised that businesses would leave the state and that jobs would be lost. Instead Minnesota has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation at 3.6%. Minnesotans rate at the top in GDP growth and consumer confidence. The Median income of the citizens of Minnesota is $8000 higher than the national median income. In addition, the state raised the minimum wage. Now the state of Minnesota has a billion dollar surplus, of which Governor Dayton plans on investing in education. The educational system is rated among the best in the nation and their voter turnout has been among the best in the country as well. The population is around 5 and 1/2 million. It is just amazing what can happen when a state has enough revenue coming in.

Minnesota is doing so much better than their neighboring states to the east. Wisconsin and their Presidential aspirant, Governor Scott Walker has his state in miserable shape in comparison. In contrast to Minnesota, Wisconsin is ranked 42nd for business attractiveness and 44th and 45th for job and wage growth.

Just when Dorothy of Oz fame and her dog Toto and her Auntie Em were ready to move to California, she is having second thoughts. Minnesota is closer to Kansas, so she wouldn’t be so far from her friends. Her aunt would have a good reason to take a nip or two from her jug, cause it’s colder in Minnesota.

Mark Dayton and Scott Walker have two entirely different philosophies on how to govern. Walker’s ideas are much closer to Governor Brownback of Kansas and we see how bad things are going in Kansas.

Conservatives define insanity when they insist on repeating the same mistake of depending on lower taxes and the trickle down theory of economic success. It was a theory but now we have some real life comparisons to prove that trickle down does not work. What you wind up having is a flood of red ink and a lot of upset people as services are not being provided for. But then that is the idea, I guess, lower taxes for the wealthy and the hell with everybody else.

For most Americans we want hope for the future, hope for a good job, a good income and a good education for our kids. Ladies and Gentlemen, maybe we should all move to Minnesota. Perhaps, Governor Dayton might become a dark horse prospect for being the Vice Presidential candidate under Hillary Clinton. What do you all think?


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