The Republican Party has the most Republicans in Congress since the 1920’s. But irrespective of the fact that they control both houses of Congress they are as of this moment impotent in their ability to just fund the Department of Homeland Security.

The deadline is quickly approaching to where the Department will run out of money. The House of Representatives is particularly dysfunctional because the Republican Party has a large majority in the House. If they really were concerned about our safety they could get a clean bill passed. Their failure to act except in times of crisis is just plain irresponsible.

I can’t think of anything as hypocritical as this gridlock among the republicans. They constantly tout how important national security is but yet when the rubber meets the road, we see their dishonesty.

The Department of Homeland Security has released to the public a threat made by ISIS to harm Americans who shop at Malls. This is a threat that we should not ignore. ISIS if anything has shown the will and ability to recruit people to murder and hurt innocent civilians. Our citizens are at risk.

Public safety should never be held hostage to partisan politics. In this case it is not even partisan politics because the Democratic Party is not holding up the funding of the Department of Homeland Security. The Republicans have not shown any willingness to come to any kind of agreement among themselves to resolve the issue. The Republicans in the House of Representatives and Speaker Boehner should be held responsible for the failure to take action. Perhaps the Republican Party just does not care about what might happen. Maybe the Republican party wants to see America attacked. Why else would the Republican Party fail to fund Homeland Security? If their goal is to have a Holy War, just make sure that the people who are devoted to protecting America can’t do so.

Often when there is a change in Congress in who holds power, the public gives the new Party in power a chance to show what plans they have for America to bring about better times for we the people.

Franklin Roosevelt had his 100 days, other Presidents have seen the bulk of what legislation they wanted passed occur in the initial phases of the new term.

The American people anxiously wait and we wait some more but nothing is happening. It would be really nice to see some action other than hearing what Republicans are against. The American people are waiting to see what the Republican Party is for, what do they want to accomplish? If they do not plan on governing, they might as well close down the place and send them home. They are wasting our money and our time.



  1. The Republican party has spent years preaching their way or no way that all of the adults among them have left the party. Until they come back to reality and grow up nothing will change. It’s up to us, the American people to stop electing these immature idiots.

    • Yes, I totally agree. I just wish that potential voters realized the importance of each election. We must send the Republican Party a clear message that we will no longer accept their extremism and extreme partisanship.

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