Every year the National Football League has their tryouts of college football talent to see who will make it to the next level of football, professional football. It is the most expensive meat market on earth. In Indianapolis several hundred potential football stars show off their strength and athletic ability to show the scouts of each individual NFL team what they have to offer. They are weighed, and measured, they run the 40 yard dash to see how fast they are. There are agility drills and weight lifting to test the strength of each player.

By the time the Draft occurs in April scouts and coaches will have analyzed tons of football film in their process of evaluating talent. The players who arrive in Indianapolis come with the high hopes and dreams of being selected by a NFL team. They are given an exam and are interviewed. Each team uses all the tools that are at their disposal to hopefully make the correct draft pick in April.

Over the weekend and Monday we saw some unbelievable athletic performances, including a world record for the standing broad jump. Pro football is a game with amazing physical specimens and fantastic competitors who might not have the perfect body but they have passion for the game.

Tampa is on the clock with the first pick in the NFL draft for 2015. It is assumed that Tampa will pick a quarterback with their pick. Winston formerly the quarterback of Florida State is the favorite to be chosen. It is doubtful that he is the best player in the draft but it is a pick of need. Quarterback is so important to having a winning team sometimes teams can make mistakes out of a feeling of desperation. Winston has some character issues and I believe that he is a risky pick. Phil Simms a former pro quarterback and television talking head doesn’t like any of the quarterbacks in the draft.

I personally think that the current Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota has the physical and mental ability to be an excellent quarterback in the NFL. The knock on him is that he comes from a system that did not require him to do what most pro quarterbacks do and this to have a 3 or 5 step drop back before he throws. He proved at the combine that in a very short time he has the ability to adapt to a new system. The one thing I like about the Oregon offense is that it requires quick decisions because of the speed that their offense requires. Mariota made all the throws required and he did them well and he showed accuracy. Of course it is a lot easier to look good when you do not have a defensive lineman or linebacker or blitzing db coming at you.

There are a limited amount of safe picks but there is a lot of talent out there that teams are looking to add to their team roster. Your team can win too, if they draft well and pick up the right free agent.

Fans of their favorite team look forward to the draft and the combine is a step in the process of player evaluation. After all it is more important to see film of how your prospect played the game we love during his time in college.

Let the draft begin!


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