Israel and Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to meet with Senate Democrats when Bibi comes to make his controversial speech to Congress is another step towards making support for Israel partisan. This is a huge mistake. What the supporters of the state of Israel need to do is to separate our support for Israel from how we feel about Benjamin Netanyahu.

The history of the special relationship between the State of Israel and the United States has been a mutually beneficial one, befitting true friends and allies.

Our traditional relationship has been put in jeopardy by the partisan and foolish actions on the part of the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He has repeatedly shown his disrespect for the office of President of the United States and for the current occupant President Barrack Obama.

There have been recent articles published on how Netanyahu does not speak for the American Jewish community. But there is more to it than that, he does not reflect the feelings of support from the citizens of America who have stood by Israel since Israel became a state.

It is a sad state of affairs when one individual attempts to put that special relationship that exists between our two peoples at risk.

Most Americans support a two state solution between the state of Israel and the Palestinian people. It is clear that Mr. Netanyahu does not support a two state solution.

Every time an American representative has arrived to visit Israel, Mr. Netanyahu has pointedly had someone announce another settlement expansion project. The American people aren’t blind, we see what the Prime Minister is doing. Each time he makes an announcement of another settlement, it is as if he is putting his finger in the eye of the world community. He has deluded himself into believing that somehow he can secure Israel’s safety and security by making any peaceful settlement of the issues impossible. What he is succeeding in doing is to the contrary, he is endangering the support of the one true friend of Israel who can guarantee Israel’s future security. Israel can not go it alone.

The Democratic Party has long been the true friend of Israel and by Bibi’s actions he appears to be taking sides politically by becoming best friends with the Republican Party. Republican believe that there will be a partisan gain, by gaining Netanyahu’s allegiance.  Israel should recognize who her true friends are.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to make a speech before a joint session of Congress is a mistake. The potential long term damage to our special relationship is not worth the cost of his potential short term political gain back home. In fact it may very well hurt him in his campaign for re-election.

Netanyahu’s goal may be to scuttle any potential nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States and her allies. The Prime Minister claims that he is concerned about the future security of Israel. By alienating many Americans he threatens the security that he allegedly seeks. It is time for Israel to seek peace and not war.  It is time to give peace a chance.


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