The Speaker of the House of Representatives is third in line in succession for President of the United States if something should happen to the President. The Job of Speaker has seen many powerful men throughout our history. We have seen Speaker Sam Rayburn to Tip O’Neill to Newt Gingrich wield power. But never in recent memory have I seen such a weak Speaker of the House as John Boehner of Ohio.

The current fiasco of being not being able to fund the Department of Homeland Security is about to turn that agency into the department of insecurity. Speaker Boehner, and it hurts to call him Speaker, could not control enough members of his own caucus to pass a clean bill on funding the department at issue. He let 52 fellow Republicans defeat him and embarrass his party. Even the Republican media favorite the Wall Street Journal skewered his lack of leadership. The Journal are among several publications who have said that Boehner is wasting away the advantage of having just won the past election.

It was embarrassing to hear from a leader of the opposition to fund Homeland Security on CNN, a Congressman Jordan of Ohio. Somehow a Freshman Congressman has the Speaker buffaloed. Back in the old days, the Speaker would have taken the recalcitrant Congressman to the proverbial woodshed. I am sure that Jordan must have some committee position he would like to have so that he can help his district. Here was this Congressman Jordan either confused about the legal significant aspects of the Texas Juror’s stay of the Executive Branch’s ability to follow through on the President’s recent executive action or Jordan misstated the facts either intentionally or mistakenly the facts regarding the Texas judge’s decision. The judge did not decide the case based upon the merits. The judge did not say that the President exceeded his authority by issuing an injunction. A judge or a panel of judges up the line will decide the case on the merits, no decision as yet has come about claiming that what the President did is wrong. But here was this freshman Congressman refusing to admit that the House will have to move this issue along unless he wants to close down the Department of Homeland Security. He did not seem to have a clue as to the consequences of his actions along with another 51 members of the majority party in the House.

At best these amateurish Congressmen should be taught the consequences of their lack of party discipline and at best they should be taught that their job is not to do any harm to our country. Their so-called principled stance against what they consider to be amnesty is misplaced by holding our security hostage.

It is quite possible that like back in 1946, when a Republican House was elected that the Republican Party will squander their opportunity to prove that they can govern. At this point in time it is becoming increasingly obvious that the House and Senate majority will accomplish nothing other than chaos and disagreement.

The clock is ticking! There is only 5 or so days to go before the time runs out on funding the department. It is doubtful that the former Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bail Mr. Boehner out again, by bringing along some Democrats to save the current Speaker.

If these 52 House members who voted against funding Homeland Security continue with their actions, would Speaker Boehner please remind them the final decision on the legality of the President’s actions on immigration is left to the Supreme Court if need be or by a federal court at some point.  In the meantime they should be reminded that it is the House’s job to use the power of the purse.

At a time when ISIS is threatening to terrorize Americans, we need the dedicated members of Homeland Security to do their job without the nonsensical political theater that is currently taking place within the Republican majority.



  1. Republicans are fighting for the American People


    Democrats that are fighting for Illegal Immigrants

    • You are entitled to your opinion. History indicates that President Obama is not alone in dealing with undocumented people who by the millions populate our country. Both President Reagan and President Herbert Walker Bush dealt with the same problem in the same fashion as President Obama did in November of 2014.
      The problem originates from American business seeking cheap labor. Millions of individuals come here for work to earn a higher wage than they would back in Mexico and Central America. President Obama has merely acted upon the reality of our having 11 million people here illegally.
      If you want to realistically deal with ending the problem of people coming here for cheap labor, don’t look to any President for being the source of the problem. Unless you make it financially painful for American companies to encourage and hire people because they will work for lower wages, you will never solve the problem. From a security stand point it is wise to know who is here. Some of those who have been here for years and years will be the ones helped by the executive action and some of them have had children who are citizens. You can’t realistically send round them up and send them back. It is not a partisan issue, it is a humane issue. Part of the Republican Party wants to pass immigration reform and part of it does not. It is wrong to characterize it the way you have. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio for example have put forth ideas to have immigration reform, so it is not a Democratic versus Republican issue. What is at issue is the fact that 52 House Members are about to be responsible for the closing down of Homeland Security.

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