As an American I was offended by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before a Joint Session of Congress. He came into the people’s house and disrespected the office and the man who is President of the United States, President Barack Obama. Netanyahu was condescending in his more than implied notion that our President is naive to believe that Iran can be negotiated with. His speech was unprecedented and even though the speech gets high marks for being well written, it was a dangerous thing to do, to in essence put his finger in the eye of a sitting President. Bibi claimed in the beginning of his speech that his visit was not meant to be one of disrespect, but then he disrespected the President during the rest of his speech. I am sure that if President Obama had gone to the Israeli Knesset and on one hand claimed no disrespect but than during the body of the speech disrespected the leadership of Israel, the Israeli people would have been offended as well.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech will make for a good campaign 30 second campaign commercial in Israel but here in America, it accomplished very little other than making a lot of Americans angry.

Americans will remember Bibi’s acts of disrespect. He is arrogant and a bully. He believes that he can manipulate Americans to his own end. America is Israel’s only true friend. Israel should realize that they can not go it alone, in a world and especially in a region where there are forces that seek to destroy Israel. It is to Israel’s best interest that they would seek to enhance the special relationship that we have between our two countries rather than to endanger that relationship.

For the moment you have Republicans gleefully giving high fives to one another for pulling the event off. Some Republicans may believe that they have gained some votes from this patently foolish and partisan exercise.

It is my fervent hope that Americans can separate our support for Israel from our distaste for Israel’s Prime Minister. For some American citizens this might not be possible at the present time. I hope that the Israeli citizen in the street realizes that America supports Israel and will defend Israel’s right to exist. But America’s dislike for your Prime Minister is increasing.


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