America is a very beautiful country. Whether you are talking about the coast of Maine to the Redwood forests of California we are a land of great physical beauty. We have beautiful people, too, not just in physical beauty but more importantly in our generosity to others and in our never ending quest for fairness and justice for all. Of course, history is replete with examples of individuals who have fought against equal rights and justice for all, but it is still part of our DNA, to be self critical. We have striven in our history to improve and one our traits and characteristics as a people is that we have evolved over time. More and more of our citizens share in the beauty of being treated equal before the law. It is a never ending struggle nevertheless.

It is curious that with all of the gifts that we have been given that we still have to fight all over again, time after time to maintain our rights and the rights of others. As an example of this curiosity is the present case before the U.S. Supreme Court, the case is a challenge to the Affordable Care Act. In the profile done by the Wall Street Journal, of one of the plaintiffs attorney’s Michael Calvin, Calvin was reputed to have said that the Act was written by white women and minorities. Really!!!!

For some of our citizens they might not realize that Caucasians make up the largest segment of the population who live in poverty. Perhaps someone should let Mr. Calvin know that fact.

Sickness knows no race, religion or sexual orientation. At some point in our lives we all get sick whether we be rich or poor. The Affordable Care Act enables many millions of Americans to have more affordable health care. In the hollows of Kentucky or in the delta of Mississippi people get sick whether they are white or black. If you live in Beverly Hills or in Manhattan no matter how rich you are you will get sick some day.

Caring for one another is a beautiful thing. Hopefully each of us has someone in our lives that we love and want to make sure that they have the best care possible if they should get sick. It is only humane to want the best care for our family and friends when they get sick.

So to say the least, one hopes that for those who wish ill on the poor, be careful, you might become poor as well, but for the grace of God. Poverty knows no race or religion or sexual orientation. We can lose everything that we have in an instant. We can lose our health, our wealth and our lives in an instant. We should cherish each of our gifts each day. Our gift of life is a beautiful thing. Loving your neighbor as you would want to be loved is beautiful.

I have two children and another thing that is beautiful about America is her quilt of many colors. I’ve spent time at the college that my daughter attended, the University of Southern California, and have sat down for a meal in their cafeteria and have marveled at the diversity. All of the colors of humanity reside at the university, it is a beautiful thing to behold. Actually if you think about it for a moment it would be a boring quilt if it were only one color, white.

We will soon commemorate that fateful march on Selma that took place nearly 50 years ago. There was ugliness that day as the brutality of hate descended upon those who marched that day. The dogs and the police clubs that fell upon the heads and bodies of those who were there must be remembered as a sign of the past. Those who were there sought equal treatment for all that day, irrespective of race. We can not go back to those awful days when bigotry was legal. In their suffering that day the courage of those who demonstrated was so beautiful, it showed the beauty of the human spirit to overcome hatred and bigotry.

It is a shame that one of the two major political party’s will not be sending any of their Congressional leadership to show their unity with the spirit and purpose of that historic march some 50 years ago. Their absence at Selma sends the wrong message. It sends the message to white people who still harbor resentment and hate that their day might still come to where it would be okay to once again treat people unequally. Separate is still inherently unequal.

Yes, America is a beautiful country. We are not a perfect nation. We still have to continue to fight to maintain our rights against those who would take them away from we the people. But dog gone it, we are still the one country on the face of the earth that has welcomed people from every country and walk of life. We have welcomed refugees and immigrants of all colors and stripes. If you take a moment and just look at the faces of all of our children in our country. The faces  of our children are truly beautiful  and our diversity will be our legacy to the world.


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