The State Department email problem has confirmed what we already knew about the Former Secretary of State and First Lady, Hillary Clinton, she is not as transparent as we would like. In fact she seems to be secretive. What is surprising is that she has not gotten in front of this and made a statement concerning her personal email issue.

Part of her problem is understandable from a human being standpoint, in that Republicans were relentless in their pursuit of the politics of personal destruction regarding the former President and the former First Lady. In fact their attacks were so dehumanizing it is surprising that Hillary Clinton would be ready to pursue another campaign that would most likely be unprecedented in their personal attacks. In  a way the public has heard so much in the media about the Clinton’s so that perhaps they are so numb from all of the attacks that they don’t care. Most of the voters old enough to remember the Clinton years in the White House have already made up their minds about her character.

We don’t elect a Pope and thank God for that. Politicians have their reputations and sometimes their reputations are well earned. It’s not like politicians are trusted by the public, we are wary and on the look out for their imperfections. Our leaders are human after all and full of imperfections like you and I.

What most of us want in a leader and in a President is someone who can do the job. Being President is not for the faint of heart, and it really is the most difficult job in the world to do well. Anyone can do a horrible job, but that is not what we want.

What this potential scandal might do is to open up the Democratic Party primary process to more candidates being willing to take on who had appeared to be unbeatable. It is really true that a week in politics is a lifetime. No prediction now is worth much because of the fact that time and changed circumstances can change all of the preconceived universal truths we may have assumed.

Waiting in the wings are the potential candidacies of people like Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. One thing is for certain and that is both of these potential candidates are candid and transparent.

Frank and open candidates are a welcome breath of fresh air in a time of uncertainty and fear. We all know that Joe Biden gets his share of kidding for an occasional slip of the tongue. But he’s honest and refreshing, and he’s definitely not a member of the millionaire’s club. He comes from humble origins and he gets it. His expertise is in foreign relations which can only help against a field of Republican candidates who would have a tough time answering a series of questions on who are the world leaders or where a certain country is.

Senator Sanders is an outspoken advocate for the middle class and a fearless populist against the power of the banks and oligarchs. Perhaps Elizabeth Warren might reconsider her candidacy if Hillary Clinton actually decides not to run. There is a wealth of potential candidates but until we actually have formerly announced candidates this is all conjecture.

What we should want and demand is a candidate who wants to be the president of all the people not just the wealthy and the powerful. One thing is for certain if anyone is prepared to be President of the United States it is Hillary Clinton.



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