Well, the results are in, Bibi Netanyahu has won re-election. Fear still works! His vow to never have a two state solution found support. Apartheid will continue as the Israeli’s seek to put the Palestinian people out of mind and out of the picture. Their not so subtle attempt at a genocide on the Palestinians goes on. His attempts at establishing a theocracy in Israel may succeed.

His victory and that of the right wing in Israel will come with a price. Israel will discover that it will become more and more isolated in the world of public opinion. The relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu will continue to be strained but what the Israeli people perhaps do not recognize is that the support for Israel is becoming more and more strained. Financial support that America has been quite willing to give each year, may very well become a political issue.

It is hard to imagine and in fact I can’t really believe what I read today, but there has been a call from the hard right in Israel to use nuclear weapons against Iran and Germany. That if these very real weapons of mass destruction are not used the wrath of God may befall Israel.

Gee, there is way too much talk from people who want a theocracy about God’s wrath.

World peace has not been helped by Netanyahu’s re-election. The rejection of a two state solution and Netanyahu’s resolve to scuttle any peace agreement with Iran do not bode well for peace. If you listen carefully, the drums of war can be heard in the desert.

American leaders have historically talked about how Israel is our natural ally and that they are the only democracy in the Middle East. I am not sure that Israel is a democracy any more. They have elections but let’s face it with Netanyahu’s 4th term beginning it is starting to sound like he may become President for life. His talk of Israel being a religious state would make it a unique democracy wouldn’t it?

Theocracies have a rigidity about them, a religiously based certainty about things, that makes their respective countries ripe for dictators, while claiming to be a democracy. Religious tyranny brings with it less tolerance of others who do not believe as they do.

I am reminded of a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln when someone was speaking to him about how he should want God to be on our side. He turned that around and said something like he would rather be on God’s side.

The world seems to be going mad with various parts of the world talking as if there is some kind of religious war going on. When religion becomes the focus and the belief that only their God is the right one, reason and peace go out the window. Let us hope that reason and peace win out against those who claim to be so self righteous.


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