The natives are restless! The Republican Party regained control of the Senate in November and retained control and increased the amount of Republicans in the House of Representatives. The Republican Party hasn’t had this many members of their party in Congress since the 1920’s. The first 100 days of a new Congress are key in seeing whether or not the party in control can manage to accomplish what they promised during the campaign. The soundings on the hustings indicate that so far nothing that was promised has been accomplished and in fact the Republicans are fighting among themselves.

Can the Republican Party survive with two wings of the party co-existing? These two wings of the party are the hard core conservatives, exemplified by the Tea Party members and the second wing of the party is the establishment Wall Street wing.

The establishment wing of the party likes the status quo. If there is to be change one can only expect incremental change. If Will Rogers were alive he would still recognize the Republican Party as the best party that money can buy. They have apparently chosen their Presidential candidate already, Jeb Bush. He is a cozy member of the millionaires club. He did well fairly recently with a $100,000 per plate fundraiser. It was just a group of regular guys who can relate to the rest of us, not.

If you follow a very influential blog, Red State, you can see and read the very real unhappiness with the current state of the Republican Party. Complaints about the sell out of party principles by Speaker John Boehner is a regular topic. Their unhappiness about any progress on shrinking government is quite obvious. They do not want any compromise on several issues.

The Tea Party faction wants no waffling nor tinkering with Obamacare. They will not accept any compromise other than to end the program. They view the efforts of some Republicans to fix and improve Obamacare as a sell out. They ignore the fact that 12 million people have signed up and if the law were overturned they would be without insurance.

Hard core Republican conservatives are irate at the fact that 300 Republicans have expressed their support for marriage equality or they would put it, gay marriage.

The far right wing of the Republican Party does not want any expansion of medicaid nor the creation of any state exchanges under the ACA in any red states.

The right wing is beginning to acknowledge the influence of the super wealthy to the detriment of the middle class.

In today’s Red State blog, they stated something that was shocking, really. They said that the GOP has to stand for something other than “we’re not Obama.” And they went further in expressing their angst, they said that currently the GOP stands for nothing and that they prostitute themselves to the highest bidder.

These comments are fighting words, a reflection of their disappointment at the failure of Congress to do anything.

There is a very real threat to the future of the Republican Party. One wing of the party, the Tea Party, liberty followers  insist on shrinking government. They are willing to extort concessions by using the threat of closing down the government. They insist on maintaining their principles at the expense of party unity. They want to have a Presidential candidate reflect their needs and wants. They honestly and sincerely believe that only by nominating a true conservative can the Republican Party win the Presidency. With their passion it is hard to imagine the Republican Party continuing as it is today. One side must win the battle between the two factions or else the hard core believers could very well start their own political party and at least stand for something. They believe that the country agrees with them. We shall see what the future will bring with it!




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