What can we take away from the first day of March madness? Well, as usual upsets abound and favored teams for the final four often find their first game challenging. Then there is Kentucky!

The Kentucky Wildcats are highly favored to win the championship. It is a dominating team which reminds fans of the UCLA Bruin, Wooden led teams of the 60’s with Kareem and Bill Walton dominating the boards.

Kentucky has a great basketball tradition going back to the legendary Adolph Rupp and his teams. You can’t teach height and this year’s team has several big men to dominate rebounding and the easy shots around the basket you get when you tower over your opponents.

Hampton University had the distinct misfortune as the lowest seeded team to face the favored Wildcats of Kentucky. The height disadvantage for Hampton was immediately obvious but they courageously went after Kentucky. Hampton, Virginia is only a small city of 137,000 residents. Here they were the Hampton University Pirates going after the pride of Kentucky. They probably wished they could have brought with them some of the pirates of old to somehow scare their opponent but they could only call on their courage for they lacked the talent to challenge Kentucky.

Being undefeated can be a curse in a tournament like the NCAA college basketball championship. Rarely were they challenged during the season on their way to an unblemished record. The tournament is ruthless though, in that it is a single elimination tournament. You lose a game your are out. Kentucky will have its hands full with each team they face looking to knock off the favorite and becoming famous in the process. I don’t know what team will match-up well with Kentucky but we do know this, each team Kentucky faces will try their absolute best. Will Kentucky have what it takes to rank with the best teams in college basketball history? We shall see!


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