This year’s sweet sixteen is full of good match-ups. I am here on the west coast, and for all of the UCLA Bruin fans their match-up will be a rematch of Gonzaga and UCLA. They played earlier in the year with the ZAGS defeating the Bruins. Bruin fans will hope for a different result.

Duke looked great against San Diego State. They are a well coached team with coach K, and they put on quite a show in their win to advance to the sweet sixteen. They will face the running Utes which should be an entertaining game. With their excellent center, Okafor and the precise passing of their point guard they should advance. Duke is a well balanced team with Quinton Cook’s excellent point guard play and they have a solid defense led by Winslow.

Kentucky has advanced as expected. They will play West Virginia a team with a history of giving Kentucky a hard time. At some point in the tournament, Kentucky will need more passion in their play, if not they be ripe for an upset.

In what might be the toughest matchup, Wichita State plays the winner of the ACC tournament, Notre Dame. Notre Dame is no longer just a great football school and Wichita State who played in perhaps the best game of last year’s tournament are back to give it another go. They had another excellent season.

The North Carolina Tar Heels will be the underdog against the number 1 seed in their region the Wisconsin Badgers.

Arizona a very skilled team, will play the team that no one wants to play, Xavier. Mack coaches Xavier and he is a coach that every major basketball program in the country would love to have. One of the reasons that the NCAA tournament is so great is that you have schools like Xavier be competitive. They are the Cinderella team, will they catch the slipper and advance against the Arizona?

Oklahoma will play the annual threat to win the title, the Michigan State Spartans in what should prove to be an even any one can win matchup.

The Giant Killer, North Carolina State will play the annual threat to win it all, Louisville Cardinals.

All in all, each of these teams have proved their worth, let the games begin. And how does your bracket look? Who do you want to see win it all? Is Kentucky unbeatable?


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