Today I feel like the man in the movie Network. I am mad as hell and I don’t want anyone to have to take hate and bigotry anymore.

Indiana passing a bill that passes for religion is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more states have legislation in the works that would legalize discrimination against gays. No one and I do mean no one should be denied service at a lunch counter or at a hotel because of race, color, sex , religion or national origin.

Our laws at this moment do not specifically mention women or people who have a different sexual orientation. They are protected under the due process and equal protection sections of the 14th Amendment but for some reason we have citizens who want to use religion as an excuse to discriminate.

These so-called Christians are the worst kind of Christians as they ignore a whole lot of Jesus’s teachings. What Christian does not know the famous line in the Bible about judging not lest ye be judged? Well, there is a lot of judging going on. Who elected these legislators God in Indiana? What an incredible ego these pretend to be Christians have. No where in the Bible does Christ mention the word homosexual. These closet bigots use Paul’s words as a justification to perform and act in a bigoted way towards their neighbors. Paul was not Jesus and he was not one of the disciples, so why should we treat anything he said as being gospel. I seem to distinctly remember Jesus saying that we should love thy neighbor as thyself. Where in the hell is the love here when we are witnessing legalized discrimination?

I am a happy heterosexual but come on we all need to speak out and condemn what is going on today against homosexuals and in fact against women. It is open season in some states against women’s rights. It is darn right dehumanizing they way some men talk about how rape is okay. Well, the men who speak so disrespectfully about women must have forgotten that they had a mother once. Maybe these sexually dysfunctional men who see rape as sex instead of a violent act need to have a talk with themselves. You would think that most men might have a mother, sister, wife or daughter, and would realize that we need to cherish women and respect them as equals.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is my rant for the year. No holding back! I hate, hate, and bigotry. Life is too short to spend time on making any class of our fellow citizens feel and be miserable. For all of you bigots out there, get a life and please try actually reading Jesus’s teachings and please find time to really read the Constitution. It just might help you gain a different perspective. We sure have a lot of false prophets out there these days. We also have a lot of people, especially white men who want to be led into the idea that they are superior to all others.  The words that all of us should live by is the golden rule. Love your neighbor as you would want to be loved.  Stop being so angry and try to love people. You just might feel better about yourself if you do.

AHHHH!!!!!!!! I’ve said what needed to be said and I am now through with my rant.


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