Today, April 2, 2015, saw the successful culmination of the protests against the discriminatory law that was passed in Indiana. We should be thankful for Indiana’s lawmakers coming to their senses. It took the protests of our fellow citizens to make the point clear that discrimination in America will no longer be tolerated.

We should feel proud! The response and protests by many were so immediate the Governor and legislators of Indiana felt the pressure and were amazed by the national outcry. Thanks to some major American Corporations for their responsible actions as well. Protests work!

It is a shame that such an egregious law was ever passed. Perhaps in the future people will hesitate to legalize discrimination. There are still among us those individuals who would seek to discriminate against people of color, or against a particular religion, or against those of a particular sexual persuasion or against women or people of a certain national origin. It is a hopeful sign for our nation that such actions will no longer be accepted without protest.

We all won a great victory today when Indiana decided to change it’s so-called religious freedom act. Thank you!


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