April 7, 2015, marked the day for Rand Paul’s official announcement to be a candidate for President of the United States. Paul becomes the second official candidate for President.

In what appears to be an increasingly crowded field for the nomination of the Republican Party, Rand Paul is for all intent and purposes the Libertarian candidate. In being a libertarian candidate, it should give Senator Paul of Kentucky an advantage in the race to the nomination. An increasing percentage of Republicans are libertarian, and in a field of many candidates it should at a minimum put Senator Paul in the top 4 of potential candidates.

Senator Paul is a candidate who genuinely believes in less government and less government involvement in people’s lives. He is probably most similar to a prior President of the United States if you are into comparisons. I believe that his policies are closer to President Calvin Coolidge that any other candidate in nearly a century.

Coolidge famously didn’t have much to say and didn’t do much but that is why many conservatives like George Will extol Coolidge’s silence and lack of government action. They look at silent Cal as an ideal role model for being a President of the United States.

Like Coolidge, Rand Paul is a true libertarian. Senator Paul could also be described as the only isolationist of the Republican candidates which distinguishes him from the field of candidates. With the mood of the public being very much against any more wars, his views should be popular with a segment of the public. His views being similar to Washington’s view of foreign affairs as stated by our first president in his farewell address, should keep him competitive in a country that is distinctly war weary.

Senator Paul should be in the top tier of potential nominees along with Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz.

It is possible that with this many candidates running, if enough of these candidates can fund their campaign we may see the first convention of any major political party without a consensus nominee coming into the convention in some time. Interestingly enough, the last time both political parties were having a hard time finding a nominee was back in the 1920’s when ballot after ballot took place without a pick being made.

The campaign is off and running! Who will the Republican nominee be?


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