Coinciding with the announcement of Senator Rand Paul’s announcement that he is now offering himself to be a candidate for President of the United States, the Neo-Cons have released a preemptive strike in their attempt to derail his candidacy at its infancy.

In an ad paid for by dark money, it shows a nuclear blast occurring with the implication that if you nominate Senator Paul this is what will happen.

Back during the campaign of Lyndon Johnson versus Barry Goldwater, Johnson released a political ad just once, called the daisy ad. Here was this young girl holding a daisy and then a nuclear blast appeared in the ad with the clear and unmistakable message that if you elect Barry Goldwater than because he was so dangerous as a candidate a nuclear war would occur. It was an unfair ad but effective back then and the ad showing a nuclear blast if Paul were the nominee is equally reprehensible now.

During an interview with a neo-con on Fox the spokesman stated that Senator Rand Paul could prove his being a bonafide candidate if he, Paul, would be willing to nuke a Muslim country or two.

I hope that the public rejects the type of ad that was shown today. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today, 1 billion of them live in Asia. Americans are tired of war. Our men and women in uniform have given enough blood and pain. Enough is enough. The willingness to drop nuclear weapon to stop another country from developing a nuclear weapon is just nuts.

In contrast to the neo-con position, Senator Paul is trying to offer a common sense approach to foreign policy. He stated that it is better to stop nation building and nation build here in our country. I agreed with him when he said it is better to build a bridge here in America than it is to build a bridge in some far off country. I know that common sense is hard to find these days but we should welcome a common sense discussion when it comes to matters of war and peace.

Although I might disagree with Senator Paul on some issues, his ideas on foreign policy are welcome to the national debate for who we will choose as our next President of the United States.


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