With today’s anticipated announcement of the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for President, the race for the White House has officially begun. Ladies and Gentlemen you may start your engines.

In a reversal of typical political party roles, the Democratic Party is ready for Hillary. In poll after poll an amazing percentage of Democrats are united behind Hillary Clinton for President. Are you ready for Hillary?

Normally. it is the Republican Party who chooses the next person in line as their candidate. This time it is the Republican Party that has both an air of excitement and one of confusion all at the same time. The excitement is that they have no idea who their nominee will be, and the confusion is that the Republicans have a long list of candidates to choose from. Is that because there is not an outstanding candidate that stands out among the lengthy and seemingly endless potential list of presidential hopefuls? Perhaps most important is the question of whether any of their prospective candidates are ready to be President? Will any of the potential Republican nominees be able to expand the tent of potential voters and present to the nation a vision for America? At this point they are all united on two points, one they are all against Hillary Clinton and secondly, they are against government.

The Democratic Party on the other hand is unusually united behind Hillary Clinton for President. There will probably be several candidates who will be brave enough to enter into the fray, but for once the outcome is not in doubt. Their chances of defeating Hillary are slim and none and none is definitely winning.

The video that was presented to the nation was well done. A campaign theme of the deck being stacked against most Americans emerged. Each person talked about how they were getting ready. An Asian American student talked about her getting ready for the job world with the issue of student debt lurking in the background. A family was represented whose statement implied how difficult each day can be but how important it is to be ready. A gay couple was getting ready to be married. Hillary spoke about how she was getting ready for the campaign.

Hillary Clinton spoke about how she was going to fight for the American family.

Republicans would like everyone to think that Hillary is too shop worn and that we want someone new. The question is that, with the issue of income inequality and the lack of economic mobility being on everyone’s lips whether or not we need someone new? Are voters ready to take a chance on a new face? Hillary Clinton would like you to believe that voters are ready for  someone experienced and ready on day one to take up the very real challenge of helping the average American address the issues of why things are stacked up against them unfairly? In these difficult times is it a time when you want to trot out a new model or do we want to have a person ready to meet the very difficult challenges that we face as a nation?

Well, ladies and gentlemen start your engines.  Keep your engines warm and well oiled, the race for the White House, 2016, has started in earnest. Are you ready? Are you ready for Hillary Clinton to be President ? Are you ready for Hillary Clinton to be the first female President of the United States? Time will tell!


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