The Republican response from the Republican Party was to be expected. The shrill vile commentary will escalate but beware, the public has heard all of this before. We are tired of the politics of personal destruction. We will need less personal attacks and more discussion on the issues of the day that actually mean something to the lives of the American people.

Perhaps the Republican Party is lacking in ideas other than to be the apologists for corporate America. If you want relief from having the deck stacked against you my fellow Americans, don’t expect to hear any suggested solutions to your low incomes from the Republican Party. Just expect more personal attacks, maybe this time they will even attack Chelsea and her daughter.

It is funny how Republicans praise her statement on family values but deny families the opportunity to have a better life. You hear empty promises, the promise and lie that you can be wealthy too, as long as you vote for me. They talk the talk about family but what real family values can they have when they are against raising the minimum wage. They complain how women are more and more the breadwinners and talk about how their place is at home raising the kids and fixing dinner, when their husbands are often not making a livable wage. They talk about marriage when they should know that marriage is a failure with divorce being all too common. Maybe their next solution for fixing family values will be to outlaw divorce. People need more than faith alone, they need a livable wage that will enable a spouse to stay at home if that person chooses to, to help take care of their children. There is nothing more important for family values than to have a good paying job. And this cynical talk comes from a political party that would like nothing better than to eliminate the minimum wage.

I am sure the radio will be full of angry and hateful talk about a candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. It is time to end the politics of personal destruction and concentrate on solving the great income and lack of economic mobility that America suffers from.

All of these personal attacks against Hillary Clinton belong in the National Enquirer not in our public discourse. Like Franklin Roosevelt’s dog Fala; I didn’t like the attack on Roosevelt’s dog and I am sick and tired of the viciousness of these personal attacks on Hillary. Man up Republicans and be gracious and talk more about the issues of the day and less about ugly rumors. Often in life when you lack substance in an argument a person’s reaction to the inability to communicate a rationale argument is to attack the other person. Let us hope that we hear more about a vision and less about personal attacks.


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