Senator Rubio’s campaign announcement was about yesterday and today. He claimed that he represents today and that Hillary Clinton is about YESTERDAY!!!!!

Just because you are younger in age does not make a person more current or relevant. In Senator Rubio’s case his ideas are from the past, and in most cases they were bad ideas then and his ideas are bad now. Marco Rubio might be wrapped in a new package but what he really wants is to return to the past.

Yes, we have had the good fortune to have had Hillary Clinton around for awhile. So what? Hillary Clinton may be older in age but that does not mean her ideas aren’t good for today. Hillary Clinton is about the future.

We may wish to have that brand new car and take it out for a spin, but when you are President you do not have the luxury to put forward outworn, shopworn and just plain bad ideas to the American people, and having a youthful opponent does not mean that wisdom and experience no longer count.

Let us look for a moment back in history to another time when the world was in crisis or when the country was in trouble. Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson had that old shoe comfort as they had been around for awhile. Most of what we benefit from as a result of good government came from those two Presidencies. President Johnson had been around for years, as a Congressman and as Senate Majority Leader. His social accomplishments are legendary. His Great Society programs gave us Civil Rights legislation to address and redress historical inequalities that even today’s conservatives grudgingly admit we needed. His other achievements in brief gave us Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, the first Federal Aid to Education. He made a War on Poverty, a keynote of his administration and legacy.

Today we need a war on income inequality. We need a fighter in the White House, a person who will give hope to everyday Americans. It is true that life’s deck has been stacked against the Middle Class. Hillary knows the ropes and how to work the system to address the root causes for our income inequality and lack of mobility. Parents today need to know that someone is there in Washington to fight for them, so that they can have hope that there children can have the opportunity to make a life for themselves to where they will be better off than their parents. Currently most Americans don’t believe in their heart of hearts that there children will have a better life.

There is nothing yesterday about Hillary Clinton’s ideas and the direction that she wants to take the country in. There is nothing yesterday about fairness. There is nothing yesterday about fighting for the Middle Class and Main Street against Wall Street.

Don’t be fooled by the born again pretend saviors of the Middle Class. Republicans are in league with the 13 Big Banks too big to fail. Do not for a moment believe that Republicans really other than just mouthing the words, have any desire and belief in raising your wages to help the Middle Class.

My fellow citizens, Hillary Clinton will fight for us and fight to raise our wages so that hope will turn into a reality and the American Middle Class will rise again. No, my fellow Americans there is nothing yesterday about reforming our system to make it workable for today’s world.

Lyndon Johnson was about the future even though he was an old hand, worn around the edges.

We will find that Hillary Clinton is about now and the future. Don’t buy the car because of misleading advertising buy the real thing and watch opportunity once again become a reality in America. It is not about our yesterdays, but about today and tomorrow. I am ready for Hillary Clinton, you too should be ready for the real thing and not some pale imitation.


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