It is just totally amazing to hear the hew and cry of so-called conservatives as they attempt to pigeonhole Senator Elizabeth Warren with the label of being the champion of the left wing. I guess when a person speaks their mind and challenges Wall Street and injustice that makes that person a threat to the status quo and thereby dangerous. Well, I guess that makes me a lefty too.

The right wing wants to label her and demonize her not because she is a lefty but because she is an effective spokeswoman for the rights of the voiceless, the Middle Class. They want to silence her.

Elizabeth Warren is not a communist, she is a person who defends consumers, students and everyday Americans from unfairness and injustice. We all know the deck is stacked against us.  If a common sense approach to insuring our rights as citizens is left wing we are all in trouble.

If you are a parent whose child has gone to college and now has an enormous debt as a result of getting a college degree you feel their pain of frustration and insecurity. Our children are our nations future. It is unfair to be saddled with so much debt with a high rate of interest being charged on the money your child borrowed to try and get ahead by getting a degree. College should not just be for the children of the well to do who help pay for their child’s education, nor should it be just for the legacy students of parents who have gone to a prestigious school that will help them get ahead in life. How in the world is it a left wing idea to help reduce the debt of our future generations?

Senator Warren doesn’t want we the people to be saddled with paying for the next bank crash by bailing out banks too big to fail. She has the common sense notion that deposit banks should not be involved in investment banking. We as a nation had Glass-Steagall to protect the nation from banks getting too greedy and getting involved in the next Ponzi scheme and for years the law worked and banks were safe to put your money in them. But as you all must recall, banks wound up selling your loan to some foreign entity when you bought a house. Deposit banks got involved in investment banking. We as a nation came mighty close to having a Great Depression as a result of the unmitigated greed of bankers.

Banks are too big to fail and we need to either let them fail the next time or eliminate the threat by regulating their greed and illegal activities or reduce the size of these banks too big to fail. It is not acceptable to have so much power as these banks have. We tax payers should not be punished when these greedy bankers make bad decisions. We should not have to bail them out to keep the financial system from crashing. So ladies and gentlemen, my fellow citizens, how in the world is Elizabeth Warren a lefty by wanting to protect we the people from the greed and shams of banksters? Sorry, I mean bankers!!!

Consumers need protection too! Is protecting consumers from legalized graft from unscrupulous business behavior left wing? You’ve got to be kidding! Elizabeth Warren is not some crazy crack pot from the far left, she is a common sense champion of the people. We the people are just asking for a fair shake and we ask that we not be taken advantage of.

Let the so-called conservatives, who are not really conservatives at all, continue to champion Wall Street. We have our champion of the consumers and every day citizens in Senator Elizabeth Warren. If she is some left wing radical, we should claim that honorable mantle. We the people need more Elizabeth Warrens to have the courage to stand up to the most powerful and wealthiest people in America. We have our champion of Main Street in Elizabeth Warren.


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