I would hope that as America goes forward into the depths of the Presidential campaign that we demand of our respective political parties a serious discussion of the issues that we face as a nation today.

The first week of the campaign has been interesting but disappointing. The favored Democratic nominee began her campaign in Iowa talking about Citizens United and income inequality.

What did the media concentrate on? They concentrated on Hillary Clinton’s stop for lunch and the name of her bus. Come on are you serious?

The Republican candidates are united on one thing, they are all against Hillary Clinton. It is fine and dandy that they can agree on something.

Meanwhile voters who are already fatigued by the never ending campaigns are waiting to hear from the dozen or more prospective Republicans to see what if anything distinguishes them from each other.

Let us hope that all of these candidates describe for us, the citizens of this great country the vision they have for the country. It is not enough to be against a candidate or a political party. We, the voters, want to know what they have in mind to do to make a positive difference to America. The lengthy process that we have, will hopefully show each candidate for what he or she is all about and their plans for the country. It should be a campaign where we demand substance and not frill and not concentrate on trivial matters that will make no difference whatsoever in our daily lives.


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