Governor Scott Walker, the 45th Governor of Wisconsin. Although Governor Walker has not announced his candidacy, as of yet, he is already among the top 5 in polling that has taken place.

Governor Walker became a household name in conservative political circles once he became governor and took on the public employee unions. He has worked to make the state of Wisconsin a right to work state. He has along with increasing state worker participation in their retirement plans, sought to rid those same unions of collective bargaining rights. His actions for the moment have exempted fire and police unions. His effectiveness in emasculating union dues and collective bargaining rights have  made him the darling of many conservative voters and makes him a serious contender for the Republican nomination for President. If you want an anti-union candidate he is your man.

Another important factor in why a Scott Walker should be taken seriously as a candidate for the nomination is the very real possibility of financial support from the Koch Brothers, Koch Industries, Americans for Prosperity another Koch Group, and the Club for Growth. Money is still the mother’s milk of politics and the Koch brothers are ready to commit 900 Million dollars to the 2016 Presidential race. Governor Walker looks to be the favorite to be a key recipient of their campaign largess.

It is a fact that Walker has reduced taxes but along with lower taxes less revenue has followed. His administration since his taking office has cut $2 billion in taxes over time. His state is in debt to the tune of 283 million. He is attempting to balance the budget on the backs of his educational system. He has proposed cutting the University of Wisconsin budget by $300.

While he has been busy cutting the budget and fighting public unions, his state has become a laggard in regards to job growth and economic growth.

Minnesota’s approach to governing is in stark contrast to Wisconsin and their job growth and economic growth leads the region, with a large budget surplus and a commanding lead in household income.

Walker is a Christian Conservative who backs a personhood amendment, and has recently introduced the idea that legal immigration should be reduced.

The nomination process will allow the rest of the country to look at all of the candidates wort’s and all. It is a winnowing process where one would hope only the most capable will survive.

Walker’s success at putting into law, part of the Conservative agenda makes him a credible threat to win the nomination. Only time and his meeting and talking to the voters in places like New Hampshire will determine if he has the staying power. Money will not be an issue. Will he appeal to enough primary voters to make him a pretender or the real deal? The American people and the media will put him through the ringer. We shall see!



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