Since the advent of television and televised presidential debates, candidates like soap are packaged and marketed to the voters; to pretend otherwise is to deny the obvious.

The first televised presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon had an interesting reaction from the public. For those who listened to the debate on radio, listeners thought Nixon won, and for those who watched the debate on television, viewers thought John F. Kennedy won the debate. When an audience believed that Kennedy looked handsome and younger while the 4:00 P.M. shadow of a beard impacted how potential voters saw Nixon as a candidate proved once and for all that a new era in politics began that night.

Young Presidents were rare in our history, with Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama being the exceptions.

But if you listen to the media these days, you would think that Hillary Clinton is old and in decline. Wisdom used to be sought. Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan are examples of world leaders who were anything but young.

It is a curiosity to read a column by Meghan Daum in the Los Angeles Times whose headlines announced to the world, ” Clinton’s no-knife, no Botox run for the White House.” I am personally offended that in a time when the world seems to be falling apart an op-ed would occur with that topic. Are we so preoccupied with youth that this is on the tip of the tongues of the voting public? I doubt it! And if a man had written the essay, the howls of indignation would be heard around the world.

The next year we will hear all kinds of rumors and personal attacks on candidate, Hillary Clinton. It is expected but not hoped for, in a time when we should be having serious discussions about the very real and difficult problems that our nation faces. In campaign circles this tactic is directed to raising the negatives of your opponent by running a negative campaign. Sorry, but this tactic is old already for most Americans have made up their mind about Hillary for President. There is a reason or two why when polling takes place between just Hillary versus each Republican wannabe nominee for President her lead ranges from 18 to 24%. Republicans realize that they face a formidable opponent. But that does not reduce the campaign fatigue of this type of tactic that is already taking place. The only voters who do not yet know about Hillary Clinton are those voters too young to remember what she is all about. While her opponents spend all of their time attacking her personally, she is spending her time setting out her agenda for the American people. Woe to those who ignore the worries and concerns of the voters.

Yes, we spend too much time packaging candidates. The question of how real Hillary Clinton is, is really rather silly. Some bemoan the fact that the former first lady is letting the voters know that she is a grandmother, well a fact is a fact, get over it. The campaign is just warming up! We’re on the road again. And for all of those voters in New Hampshire, ask the candidates hard and fair questions, please no questions about their appearance.


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