From one American to another, I have a personal message for Hillary Clinton. If she wants to earn our trust and be the next President of the United States, one thing is clear, she must from this point forward be as transparent as humanly possible.

Yes, we citizens understand that the former first Lady, Senator and Secretary of State has a history where it is understandable to be in a defensive posture because of the constant attacks on your character. But the past needs to be put in the past. Sorry, but while you are a candidate for President and if in fact Hillary Clinton is victorious in her quest to become the first woman President of the United States, the Clinton Foundation needs to be divorced from both of the Clinton’s. There can not be any appearance of or any possibility of any impropriety. Once Hillary Clinton announced her intent to be President and once actions have been taken to campaign for that prestigious office, any relationship between the Clinton’s and the Foundation needs to be put on hold until either Hillary Clinton is no longer a candidate or after she has either lost the race to the White House or until her term in office is over. Hillary Clinton’s only allegiance should be to we the people and not to we the contributors to the Foundation. If Hillary Clinton in her heart of hearts realizes that she can not be more trusting of others and in return be open with we the people, she should drop out of the race for President of the United States.

President Teddy Roosevelt and President Harry Truman had a forthrightness about them that lent credence to the notion that not only would they fight for we the people but that their actions were honest and above board. We need that confidence and belief that Hillary Clinton will not only fight for us but can be trusted with our votes.

I am confident that no illegality has taken place. But that is not the point. We honor the fact that Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States. We, the people, however, need to trust you with our votes, and we need to trust Hillary Clinton to not owe her allegiance to the biggest donors and biggest and smallest benefactors to your Foundation. The Office of the Presidency deserves the respect that a separation from the Foundation requires. The people have a right to demand the proper transparency of your actions. We need to know that we can trust you to do more than just a good job as President of the United States, but what is also owed is honesty.

With the constant harassment the you, Hillary Clinton, has received regarding your personal life and your public life as well, we all understand your reluctance to give in to any pressure that you receive. You, of course, want to do things your way and not feel as if you are being forced to do anything you do not want to, but transparency is important. It is not uncommon to see Presidents put things in a blind trust. All things relating to the Clinton Foundation should be divorced from your presidency. This goes for Bill Clinton and your daughter as well.

As a supporter of your candidacy this is friendly advice that I hope you take, knowing that this comes from the best of intentions.

The American people are waiting with patience to see if a new day can dawn where the relationship between we the people and Hillary Clinton the candidate for President can be a more open and transparent one. We need her experience, knowledge and ability but we need to trust her and she needs to trust us as well.


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