There is a North wind blowing, a storm’s a coming. Batten down the hatches, the world is in troubled times. Not only is the ship of state in America floundering, but the world has lost its moorings. The great scourge of austerity is running the European Union a muck. Chaos and a lack of economic opportunity is bringing to the shores of Italy scores of refugees as they flee Libya. The Arab world in the Middle East is in turmoil, with the youth increasingly feeling isolated, frustrated and without hope. Desperate for a better future, some grab onto the false hope of religious fanaticism while others flounder about waiting in vain for the Arab spring to flower.

The failure of governments, to deal with the mounting pressures of economic inequality and political anarchy are beginning to look elsewhere for solutions. Old bromides like fascism and communism as well as the false hopes that religion gives to the hopeless are fraying the social and political fabric of civilization.

America is attempting to give an anchor or two to the world by marshaling the economic power of the most financially powerful of the world community of nations to offer hope and stability in a world fraught with fear and hopelessness.

While attempting to hold the line in the shifting sands of political instability trade deals offer long term gains by increasing the prospects for increased exports throughout the increasingly globalized economy.

In the meantime countries of developed economies attempt to deal with the increasing refugee problem. Italy and it’s Coast Guard are saving lives daily from fleeing men, women and children found adrift in ramshackle boats. The small boats are barely able to stay afloat as they are filled with way too many people caught adrift in the Mediterranean Sea.

In recent times long term dictatorships have been toppled but in the process a vacuum has been created in several countries which have caused an immigration problem of immense proportions.

This is a time for the United Nations to step up and find or attempt to find greater regional support for today’s refugees who are fleeing Civil Wars and very dark prospects for their futures. Regime change has been a long time coming in some of these nations now left without a governmental support system. With the changes that are taking place, chaos and anarchy have ensued.

Libya is a major oil producing state and it’s funds from oil should be used to fund the feeding and caring for the thousands of refugees fleeing their country. Italy not the richest country in the world are doing their best to do their moral duty. They need financial support and logistical support as they save an increasing amount of people fleeing their country of origin.

The world needs to prepare for the gathering storm of future problems. Let us hope that the drowning of hundreds of refugees can be prevented in the future. Many countries have an aversion to immigration. Regardless of the fact that many countries don’t want new immigrants more needs to be done to prevent future disasters of epic proportions.


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