Baltimore is under curfew tonight. In the aftermath of an arrest of and death of a black man, a Mr. Gray, people have taken to the streets. The police report stated that the arrest was uneventful. The police have no explanation as to how an alleged peaceful arrest could result in the arrested persons death. Mr. Gray’s injuries included a broken neck, a fractured spine and a crushed larynx. And tonight Baltimore is in turmoil.

The African American community is not accepting the police report and sadly rioting has occurred. But what is surprising is that it has taken this long to see more explosions of violence. In what should be considered the failure of the police in America to treat black men as human beings, their actions have finally resulted in a violent reaction. Black men are being targeted by the police. Black men have had enough.

In South Africa you could expect the government to treat Africans as they did under apartheid, with murders, assassinations and brutality.

But shock, it can and has been happening in America and continues to happen all across America. The continuing brutalization of black men has to stop.

In example after example, children are being shot, a man in New York had his hands up and was choked to death. Cell phone cameras are proving to America and to the world what African American communities have known for years, it is open season on black men.

A simple solution is there and that is to mandate cameras on police officers with stiff fines if any officer turns their cameras off. No one wants to be seen while committing a crime and statistics bare out the fact that the technology can prevent future killings of unarmed men and the beatings of women as well.

We have a real potential for a race war if something is not done to stop the death by the police. Police men and women are allegedly hired to protect and serve all citizens irrespective of race, creed, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. We have to demand that each person, each human being be treated with the respect due each person and with the equal protection and due process of the law that each American is due. We should demand no less. The police are not the judge, jury or executioner. Yes, they have a tough job and are under stress and face danger but as police officers sworn to uphold the law, none of them should ever be treated as if they are above the law. This crisis of lawlessness by the police must be dealt with if we are to remain a civil society.


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