Sports fans, and especially baseball fans, the media circus has begun regarding Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod as he is popularly known as is one home run away from Willie Mays, storied accomplishment for home runs in a career for a right hand hitter. Sorry, I am not impressed.

Willie Mays was perhaps the greatest all around baseball player in history. His feats and records were done honorably. His records came from honest competition and hard work.

Alex Rodriquez’s accomplishments were done with the aid of drugs, that enhanced his strength. I don’t know when he started cheating but he did cheat. Performance enhancing drugs get the credit.

The media and baseball need to ignore these moments as he reaches Willie Mays record.

Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron and Willie Mays earned their records, and they are deservedly in the Hall of Fame. Let us not dishonor their memory by honoring the moment that A-Rod ties Willie Mays career mark or when he surpasses the record by Mays.

There should be a cheaters section of the Hall of Fame or those who cheated should be banned from the record books.

Ruth earned his records with only the aid of drink, if that was an aid at all.

Aaron faced unbelievable pressure as a black man. He approached the all-time record with racist attacks but he was a gentlemen at all times and he deserves our ultimate respect for representing baseball and sport as an honorable man and sportsman.

Willie Mays played in Candlestick Park where the wind often blew in, and he played in the Polo grounds where you could lose a ball in deep center field. He played the game with gusto and with joy. His motivation was his love of the game. He had no performance enhancing drugs to boost his numbers, he earned them.

In my mind he will always have the record for a right handed hitter.


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