We have a new candidate for President of the United States, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

His candidacy will bring more excitement to the race to the White House, 2016. Senator Sanders has never been accused of being shy and retiring. He will speak his mind. An Independent voice for the White House is an accurate description of Senator Sanders. He is the only acknowledged Socialist in the U.S. Senate. But his beliefs have never been an issue with the voters of Vermont. He is a passionate spokesman for the little guy and for the Middle Class.

Be ready to buckle your seat belt, Bernie as he is affectionately known, will be bring excitement and liven up the debate on the more pressing issues of the day. You won’t hear so much about the social issues the Republicans like to distract voters with. He is an economic populist, rallying ideas behind helping people on Main Street and not Wall Street. He will help focus the public debate around the real issues of the day. Senator Sanders will talk about income inequality and the lack of economic mobility that we the people have in this day and time of the billionaires. He might be the eldest candidate but his energy is infectious. Senator Sanders candidacy will force us to pay attention to the issues that other politicians are afraid to touch and talk about. Senator Sanders is serious about fixing our problems. The media might like to ignore the problems that we as a nation have, but with a Bernie Sanders candidacy it will be a lot harder to ignore the fears and problems that Americans face each day.

Welcome to the race, Senator Sanders. The race to the White House, 2016, will now be in full throttle.


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