Of course anyone who is eligible can run for President of the United States. Today’s announcement by Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina that they were going to be candidates for President helped make me ask that rhetorical but real question, can anyone run for and be President?

Yes, Fiorina and Carson are both native born citizens of the United States and they are both old enough to run but there is a lot more to it than just being legally qualified to run. Being President of the United States requires some kind of experience in a persons life that would make one feel that they could do the job, otherwise, just anyone running for President makes a mockery of the office of President, the most powerful and most difficult job in the world.

Their candidacies remind me of a joke by the former Governor of New Mexico, Democrat Bill Richardson, that he told on himself. He told that audience that he had told his Mom that he was running for President and she responded by asking him, of what? He answered by saying of the United States. She wasn’t that impressed.

Ben Carson is a retired neuro surgeon. Great, now when I know someone who needs brain surgery, I’ll know who to ask for a referral. You don’t take your car to a neuro surgeon to be fixed and you don’t take a government in need of help to a brain surgeon. Now you might want to ask Mr. Carson if he has lost his mind, thinking that he in any way has the background necessary to be President not of the local AMA chapter but President of the United States.

Let’s look at the candidacy of Carly Fiorina. A failed candidate for the Senate in California. She has never held elective office and her term as chief executive of Hewlett Packard was not one of a rousing success.

The only non-politicians who became President of the United States were generals with a military background and a business man or two. Except for Dwight David Eisenhower and George Washington, none of the long list of generals have ever made it into the history books for any outstanding accomplishments as President. Herbert Hoover had a business background, and we know how history looks at his presidency.

Both Carson and Fiorina can add candidate for President to their resumes, but otherwise I don’t see the point of their running for President. It seems like the Republican Party will have Fiorina be the attack person regarding Hillary Clinton’s race to the White House. After all, it is less unseemly if a woman attacks another woman than to have it come from a man. I am not sure if either candidate could pass a good Civics test. The last thing we need is some rubber stamp being President, just answering to the oligarchs who have financed their campaigns, and doing their bidding.

Governing and the ability to govern is not something everyone is prepared for. A candidate is less than qualified if they have no experience being an elected to any office. At least General Washington and Eisenhower had command experience over entire armies and had to deal with complex situations that required some skill at diplomacy. Washington was a member of the Virginia House in colonial times.

Fiorina had to deal with her board of directors and Carson the intricate complexities of the brain, but sorry, they are singularly unqualified to run for President of the United States. I would feel better if one of them had been elected to at least a city council or had been a sheriff.

Now that Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party to be President of the United States. The American People on November 8th will vote on whether Donald J. Trump has the judgment and temperament to be President, not of the rotary club but of the United States of America.

The key question is what has Donald Trump done in his life that makes him believe that he can be president of the United States? He has been a successful business man, he will tell you. But then he will also tell you that he knows more about ISIS than the generals. The presidency of the United States is not a job where on the job training is a good thing.

Even John F. Kennedy learned the hard way that a crisis can come up immediately and you have to make a decision. Allen Dulles came into see Kennedy and told him that they had this thing going called the Bay of Pigs where Eisenhower had signed off on the idea of having a landing force of exile Cubans land on this beach in Cuba. Without researching into the idea too much, Kennedy went ahead and agreed to the proposal and it wound up being a big mistake, a disaster.

Trump and his attitude towards nuclear weapons is an idea that is so dangerous that it is unthinkable to see him get anywhere near the Oval office. The presidency is just not a job for anyone, even though anyone can run for the office of President who meets the qualifications. Donald Trump has a cursory awareness of the complexity of the issues that a President can face. The thought has actually been broached that Trump will give his Vice President the job of being responsible for domestic and foreign affairs. This is odd in that we are electing a President to be the chief executive. The office of the Presidency is the one office that we all vote on. With that vote we acknowledge that we are giving the President the job of being the leader of the free world, and the leader of this country. With the job of being President we know and we should know that with the job comes the most awesome responsibility that we can give anyone. No, not just anyone can be President of the United States.


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