Yesterday, May 5, 2015, one more name has been added to the list of candidates for President from the Republican Party. The former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, announced his candidacy.

The former governor became one more of the growing list of wannabes. Like the cast of a Cecil B. DeMille film, with thousands of extras, Huckabee is a wannabe President. Is he a serious candidate or is he just running to help his speaker fees increase. He ran before, unsuccessfully, and you wonder if he has any shelf life left.

He’s a former Baptist Minister, who in his public pronouncements this year, he has sounded as if he wants to be elected to be our chief morality policeman. His one noted claim to fame is that he knows the Clinton’s. Well, Jennifer Flowers knew Bill intimately, but that is no qualification for President.  Huckabee and the Clinton’s come from the same town, Hope Arkansas.

In all seriousness, the former Governor of Arkansas has a lot of elected experience having been elected to 2 four year terms as Governor. His most recent job has been as a talk show host on Fox TV. For Fox viewers he has maintained a public persona.

In a brief review of his positions on the issues, Huckabee believes as follows: He is anti- abortion, anti-gay marriage, pro-gun security, pro intelligent design, pro border security believing that we need a fence to keep people out and he is pro free trade. His issues are mostly social issues. We await to hear his positions on the other key issues of the day.

The former Governor like many of his fellow candidates for President of the United States, seem to be running to see who amongst them can be the best President for Christians. That is all well and good, but a candidate for President is supposed to be representing we the people, not we the Christians. It is troubling to realize that what is happening is that the campaign theme is that it there is some kind of war going on against Christians. It is misleading issue, there is no war on Christians. It is their attempt to create a false issue. Christians are not monolithic. There are conservative Christians and progressive Christians. Fundamentalists and evangelical Christians are a key part of the Republican base, but the Republican Party would do well to remember that there are many other voters out there waiting for a message and a vision other than a message just for conservative Christian voters.

Mike Huckabee is another candidate we will wait to hear from regarding his vision for America.


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