The news out of Texas, isn’t good. The Governor has called out the National Guard and the Texas Rangers. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, oops, I mean the Americans are coming.

In the ultimate example of paranoia, Texas Governor Greg Abbott on April 28th called for state troops to monitor the coming U.S.  military exercises scheduled for July. All of 12oo military personnel are said to be part of a United States military exercise. Governor Abbott is ginning up fears of President Obama declaring martial law and that the President is somehow planning to confiscate peoples guns.

Most Americans might not be aware of a law that has been on the books since the Presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes. In 1878, the Hayes administration passed Posse Comitatus.  The law limits the federal government’s ability to use military personnel in the capacity of domestic law enforcement. The law covered the army. Subsequently, in 1956, the air force was included. The U.S. Navy has a it’s own rule regarding the use of the navy for domestic law enforcement.  In other words, unless Congress would authorize such a usage today due to some extreme emergency situation, the federal government is prohibited from using our military for domestic purposes.

Texans should be embarrassed by their governor’s ridiculous statement. Abbott’s comments were covered by the BBC, and now much of the world has heard the insanity that is being shown by Texas’s current governor. Even the former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has stated that we should trust the military.

It is irresponsible to put fear into the hearts of ordinary citizens. Governor Abbott should know better than to foster and encourage the lie that President Obama intends to invade Texas. Abbott has made Texas a laughingstock on the world stage. Texans should not fear their government in Washington but rather fear the paranoia that Governor Abbott encourages.


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    • In a state of 26 million, those who have sent in a petition to secede only represent .2% of the population. Polling has not occurred on this topic since 2009. In a Dallas news article, the writer said something very interesting and that was that the percentage of those in Texas, 18%, was no different than other states that have been polled on this topic.

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