It is curious to hear the hue and cry, the feigned shock that money has exchanged hands within the Clinton Foundation. Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow citizens they are mere small fish in the pond of the billionaire club that funds our political campaigns.

The Republican Party has its top 20 of admitted contributors, that continue to buy influence and power. Republicans are not alone in this slush fund of turning our government into the worst and least government that money can buy. Democrats have their own billionaires club. Being a millionaire just isn’t what it used to be, your calls might just be put on hold if you are only a millionaire.

In 2014, for example, Sheldon Adelson of gambling house fame led the way. All of the following 10 only gave money to Republicans:

1. Adelson——-$814,000

2. Richard De Vos of Amway—-$692,000.

3. Charles and David Koch—-$682,000

4. Charles Schwab———$487,000

5. Steve Wynn- another casino man—-$481,000

6. Ken Griffin—Hedge Fund——–$ 473,000

7. Vince and Linda McMahon of wrestling fame—$ 456,000; who says fake wrestling doesn’t pay.

8. Paul Singer-Hedge Fund——–$ 451,000

9. James Simon—–Hedge Fund $341,000

10. Philip Anschutz– $323,000.

These numbers are attributable to a Huntington News article.

Democrats had Soros leading along with Tom Steyer with 3.5 million and Steyer with $73 million. Bloomberg supposedly an independent spent 20 million.

And fellow citizens this was only for Congressional and Senate races wait until the Presidential cycle. One interesting aspect of this embarrassment of riches and opportunities for graft and unseemly behavior, the top Republican aspirants all seem to have their own billionaire fan club. This is all disgraceful really! Give me the two traitors to their class, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt any day. They at least thought it was their duty to serve we the people. Teddy Roosevelt in particular famously realized that money in politics was corrupting. Nothing has changed in the intervening years to think that money does not still corrupt our elected officials. And we wonder why people think the system is rigged and our votes don’t count!


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