Republican aspirants for the White House seem to increase each day. It is hard to imagine a stage big enough for any debate or time sufficient enough to ask each candidate more than one question.

June 1, will bring one more candidate, Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. The way it’s going we may be returning to a time when we have no idea who the convention will choose. Some candidates may amount to nothing more than favorite son candidate from their respective states. What will candidates with delegates let us say from South Carolina demand for delivering their delegates?

Instead of the historical pattern that Republicans have displayed for a long time in choosing the next person perceived to be next in line to be the candidate, we have political junkies, a free for all, we can only guess who it will be. At this point we would appear to have 5 leading candidates, but it is really, really too early to see a trend. We have Jeb Bush, the alleged heir apparent to the Bush dynasty. We have, Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who might have a chance if he is not interviewed by any women reporters. We have Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and coming strong from the outside in his Cuban anti- Castro colors, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Some candidates preparedness reminds me of a Sam Cooke song, “Wonderful World.”

Some candidates don’t know much about history or the world. Some candidates don’t know or deny science. Some candidates don’t know much about biology and don’t speak French or know what a slide rule is for and forget geography. They remind me of the people interviewed on Jay Leno, you know the man on the street. I wonder how many of the clown bus filled with candidates can name any world leaders or even care to learn?

Maybe “Wonderful World, ” will be their campaign theme song.


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