The race to see who will replace Senator Barbara Boxer has become more interesting this week. I am not sure anyone can actually replace an iconic figure such as Senator Boxer but the political campaign became more serious this week with the entrance into the race of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

We now have one major candidate from Northern California, Attorney General Kamala Harris and now Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez from the most populated part of the state, Southern California. Sanchez hopes to take advantage of the possibility of being the first Latina Senator from the state of California.

There could be one more major entrant on the Democratic side, Congressmen Xavier Becerra .

In Breaking News, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has already put the wrong foot forward in her campaign when at the California Democratic Convention she has had to make an apology for her insensitive action towards Native Americans. She has done her campaign harm right out of the gate

The Republicans lack a candidate with major voter identification and in a very blue state such as California their only chance of winding up in the finals where only the two top finishers qualify for the General Election is if the Democratic field has several strong candidates which could thereby allow a Republican to sneak into the finals.

One can hope that the voters will look to who will be the best Senator and not vote primarily because of an affiliation with an interest group that has not been represented in the U.S. Senate as of yet.

Let the best candidate win!


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