If you are old enough to remember, America was number one in the world in a lot of things. The road to the future may be paved with good intentions, but not America’s roads and bridges. Congress keeps kicking the can down the road instead of fixing the potholes and worse. Twenty-five percent of America’s bridges are structurally deficient and if you can believe it, one half of our roads are rated poor to just plain mediocre. Forget the road to nowhere, I am looking for a road to somewhere that is smooth and not bumpy.

Our government is dysfunctional. This is the highest paid do nothing group of no-account, irresponsible elected officials our sacred halls of the people have ever seen. The Republican Party has a very nice majority in both houses of Congress. It should be an obvious and simple task to fix the roads and bridges. We should hold them liable for anymore deaths due to a bridge collapsing. So why don’t they do it, why don’t they fix the roads? Your guess is as good as mine.

Any new Congress normally wants to leave its mark on history in its first 100 days. Well, we are getting close to that 100 day mark and what have they done absolutely nothing?

As far as leadership in the House and in the Senate, well forget it. You have the Speaker, John, I can shed a tear or two, Boehner. He has given the color orange a new level of importance, it is now the new black. Instead of spending so much time in the sun salon, he should be figuring out how to pay for fixing our roads and bridges. I would take mediocre but instead he gives us incompetence. Give us all a good city council, they know how important it is to fix the potholes.

Then there is Senator Mitch McConnell, or if you prefer, Mr. Turtle Head. He would rather spend time ducking the issue, and he clearly prefers spending his time with his friends in the coal industry. He should get his priorities straight and fix our highways, so that his coal miners can drive to the coal mines.

If you are looking to see America, by driving your car, make sure your insurance is paid up, or it is best if you drive a Jeep or a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Senator McConnell, if we can have the most expensive military in the world, don’t you think you can find a way to pay for our roads and bridges? We just might find that if our infrastructure is old and dying it doesn’t matter how good our military is if we are falling apart from within.

Just as a reminder to our so-called leaders of Congress, we have a Highway Trust Fund. A Republican President, President Dwight David Eisenhower got it started. He knew a thing or two about the importance of having a good infrastructure. Well, fund the Trust Fund and give we the people a road to somewhere.

Whenever our Speaker of the House and our Senate Majority leader get together they look so grim, as if by meeting the press they are being forced to walk the plank; their faces are contorted into masks of frustration. Boehner and McConnell are the faces of American mediocrity, haughty, austere, lacking in humanity and responsible behavior, an insult to our history.

If they can’t figure out how to pay for the repairs of our roads and bridges, do us, the American people a favor and just go home. Give us a government not of their mockingly cynical sense of good intentions, but a real government that is decisive. We are tired of our bumpy ride. I’d rather be at Disneyland where I can remember what America used to be like.


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