Man’s inability to get along with his fellow human beings may eventually come home to roost in a way that none of us wants. In the history of man, if you connected the days without a war somewhere,  the time without war would only amount to around 5 years.

During the 20th century, regretfully, man developed nuclear weapons along with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. We have the ability to destroy mankind and much of nature with biological weapons, chemical weapons and with the more widely feared nuclear weapons. The human error in sending through the mail live anthrax spores highlights the danger that we all live under.

On the evening news a gentleman knowledgeable on the topic said that with live spores if you inhale them the bacteria is so deadly that 85% of those so exposed would die.

It is unacceptable that we have these methods of destroying mankind and all life on the planet. There must be a way to have those who have this ability destroy the weapons of mass destruction before any of these diabolical weapons fall into the wrong hands. It may be inevitable that unless we destroy these weapons, some day the wrong people will obtain them and we will all die as a result of some wrongheaded and crazy delusion of some mad man or insane group who are consumed with some ideological madness that excuses the killing of other innocent people.

Our greatest challenge is to find a way to get along with one another and to live in peace. We only have one planet, and need to live with each other in peace without destroying the gift of life that we should all treasure.


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