The recent news regarding the reality television star, Mr. Duggar, and the recent revelations of the allegations against the former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert highlight the hypocrisy of Republican morals.

Josh Duggar has admitted to having sexually molested five of his sisters. He is scheduled to speak to Liberty University. Liberty is a Christian University. What kind of message does it send to fellow Christians and to the rest of the public to schedule an admitted predator to speak at a public function? The lack of moral indignation on the part of the university is deafening in its silence.

During the same week, the former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert is being charged with a crime in that he allegedly paid money to a student he coached to keep quiet about his alleged molestation of that young student.

Republicans who are so quick to demonize gays, are strangely silent regarding these two incidents. Their silence seems to indicate that you are to be condemned to hell if you are gay but that the same is not true for child molesters. The lack of moral indignation against child molestation is not just hypocritical but just plain wrong.

Committing the crime of Rape is another crime of violence that Republicans seem to be saying that committing is okay. There should be universal condemnation by all Republicans that committing the violent act of rape is not only illegal but immoral.  But where is there righteous indignation? Again, silence as we only hear how a rape might be okay if you are married and you demand that your wife perform certain acts. Of course, we all remember how an actual Congressman from Missouri made the claim that a woman has the power to stop a pregnancy from occurring when raped.

Children and women need to be protected from becoming victims from the sexual predators of the world. There are no excuses for committing a rape nor are there any excuses for molesting a child. Society and all religions need to make it clear that these crimes are not only crimes against the laws of men but they are crimes, infamous crimes against the weak and defenseless that God condemns as well. It is time to stop the hypocrisy.


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