June 1st saw more more Republican candidate throw his hat into the rings as Senator Graham announced his bid to become the Republican nominee.

Senator Graham of South Carolina stressed his foreign policy credentials. Graham sounded the alarm once again as to how the world is a dangerous place. A former JAG officer and Judge in the military, he is also a member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

It is questionable how much of an impact the senator’s campaign will have on the eventual outcome. Bachelor candidates are rare. The public likes seeing a family and has a harder time relating to a person who does not share the experience of having a family. If my memory serves me correct we have only had one President who was a bachelor.

Graham is a hawk at a time when the American people are having a hard time with the idea of sending ground troops to fight in the Middle East. Who wants to send any Americans to die in Iraq when their government’s own army shows no willingness to fight even when they have overwhelming numbers and advantages in equipment?

Presidential campaigns tend to be more about domestic policy.

Graham spoke of the need to reduce Social Security benefits. This idea is not likely to go over well with seniors.

The funding of the Social Security Trust Fund is a bogus issue if you pay attention to the actuaries. Although the baby boomers have temporarily reduced the mathematical relationship between those paying into Social Security and the amount of the baby boomer receiving Social Security the numbers will change when the baby boomers start dying off. A better remedy for any potential problem is to no longer cap the income that is taxed.

If Graham can win the primary in South Carolina as the state’s favorite son, he may have a say at the Republican convention.

The debates should be very interesting. I look forward to see how the Republican Party will handle the debates with so many candidates and with no one having a big lead or any lead over their rival candidates at this point in the campaign.

The race to the White House continues! How many more can the stage hold? Good night and Good Luck to all, you will need it.


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