The well respected Pew research charitable trust study has just came out with some disturbing information for the fans of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has undergone the biggest decline of middle class households in all 50 states for the period of the years 2000 to 2013.

Governor Walker was elected in 2010. The loss of manufacturing jobs since the Great Recession has been blamed for the decline in the middle class. Since Walker’s tenure began, Wisconsin has lagged behind Minnesota for example, in recovering from the recession. Both states have around the same amount of people. So what makes Wisconsin different? Walker has made a definitive push to destroy unions. His goal is to make Wisconsin a right to work state. By lowering taxes he has helped to create a budget deficit. When the state’s budget deficit reached 3.6 billion dollars. The governor reduced the education budget by 7.9%. This helped to balance the budget but at what cost to the future of Wisconsin’s children?

If you destroy unions you thereby take away protections against the reduction of wages by employers because workers no longer have anyone to protect them against their bosses.

Lower wages destroy families and the Middle Class. Walker’s candidacy for President should have as a statement of his accomplishments, that he helped destroy the wages of the Middle Class. Perhaps he will lay claim to the idea that he had to destroy it to save it.

Having a livable wage and collective bargaining helped our Middle Class be the envy of the world after World War II. If we are to return to the days when our Middle Class is strong and vigorous we need a livable wage now.

It is simply breathtaking to hear politicians from the Republican Party now profess to want to save the Middle Class, while on the other hand giving more power to the oligarchs and to the corporate world the power to keep wages down and profits up and up some more.

Is this the legacy that Scott Walker wants? Scott Walker is now running for President of not the rotary club but of the United States. Is the destruction of the Middle Class his vision for America?


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