The campaign for President began in earnest yesterday. Hillary Clinton spoke before a huge crowd at Roosevelt Island, New York. Hillary gave the crowd and the nation her vision for America’s future. Echoing the memory of Franklin Roosevelt’s four freedom speech her message gave hope to those Americans who have not taken part of American prosperity for several decades. In a decidedly economic populist message, Hillary reminded the crowd of the fact that the Middle Class needs to grow and see its strength rebound from the difficult days of the Great Recession. She expressed the need to reduce the great income disparity that now exists. The crowd was reminded of how well Wall Street has done, and how trickle down economics does not work. She told the crowd that America does best when all boats rise together. We were reminded how well we did during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, and that a ¬†measure of that success was how well many of those in poverty did in escaping their impoverishment. She spoke in a positive tone about how America is a can do nation. Hillary Clinton shared with the audience a story about how her Mom had been abandoned as a child but despite her own difficulties she imparted to her daughter the need to work hard and have a positive attitude and above all she taught her daughter to never quit. And as a result of her Mom’s influence she will always be a fighter for all Americans.

The faces in the crowd were the faces of America, diverse and multicultural. What was interesting and perhaps important, were the faces of the young who attended the campaign kick-off in large numbers. If the Hillary Clinton campaign can capture the energy and hopes of America’s youth and suburban families it speaks well for her prospects in the fall of 2016.

President Roosevelt offered America during the worst of times a New Deal. Perhaps what candidate Hillary Clinton is offering America is a fair deal. A fairer America where the hopes expressed in Roosevelt’s four freedoms will be more richly accomplished. A promise of a time when the freedom of speech and expression will be more inclusive of all Americans. Where the promise that everyone will have the freedom of worship, the freedom to worship God in their own way. In a time of want and fear, let us hope that a Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy will promise less want and less fear.

In the weeks ahead we will hear more about the former New York Senator and Secretary of State’s specific ideas about how she plans to deal with the important issues of the day. Her speech stressed the importance of economic inequality, the need to raise the minimum wage, the importance of the right of all Americans to be able to vote, the importance of climate change, the mountain of student debt and other issues.

Hillary Clinton is the front runner for the nomination of her party and she is favored to become the first woman to become President of the United States.

The race to the White House is a marathon, it takes the measure of any man or woman. Let us hope that the best candidate wins.


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