The Lone Star state, Texas, has a luster, a new polish to its star. Texas stands out. Everything is bigger in Texas, larger than life, from the size of their state, to the two biggest ranches in the country, to the pride in their state. Big D, the Alamo, the state of big oil, even their hats are bigger to match the size of their ego.

Since the end of March, the new Governor, Abbott, has put Texans on alert from an attack on Texas by America. After all, haven’t you heard, the President, President Obama, plans on unleashing a massive attack to take away their guns and force them to be Americans. The attack will come from within. The massing of troops will come from Ft. Hood, an American military outpost, to attack their own country. Be forewarned, protect your women and children.

Just recently, the Governor, Abbott, signed a law to have their own Fort Knox. They want their gold back. And here I thought that Texas was part of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. My mistake, they think that they are their own country and they think it is their money. They have bought into more paranoia believing that the collapse of the dollar is coming.  Gold will protect you. Good luck with that one, gold is not fungible.

Beware! A warning label should be issued, warning all about the alternative world of Texas politics. Their fear and paranoia is larger than life. There are even two Presidential candidates from Texas, former Governor Perry and Senator Ted Cruz.

Governor Perry, a candidate with a memory that just can’t remember, a person who once extolled the virtue of secession.

Senator Ted Cruz, a man known for closing down the government. He is running to perhaps close the federal government, permanently. It just seems weird that he wants to be President even though he sees government as being bad and untrustworthy. But we should trust him???? Cruz is running for the nomination of the Republican Party. You know the party of birthers, those who claimed that President Obama was really born in Kenya and could not therefore be President because he is not a natural born citizen. But here we have an admitted Canadian, Cruz, who believes that by renouncing his Canadian citizenship that changes the fact that he is not a natural born citizen. Cruz allegedly believes in denying disaster relief to other states, but when his state has a weather disaster, he is first in line asking for assistance. Cruz’s religion should be looked at. Why, because he believes that God chose him to run for President.

Only in Texas do we find these kind of people. They even have a Congressman, Barton, who warned us about using wind power to generate energy, claiming that wind was finite. He continued by saying that if you use too much of it, the earth will warm up. Really!

Congressman Gohmert is in a class by himself. He sees radical Muslims everywhere. Well, yah! If you publicize a drawing contest to see who can insult the Muslim faithful by depicting their spiritual leader in a certain way, you just might draw a radical or two to your state.

I frankly do not know what has happened to Texas, maybe it is the water they drink. The state that brought us Sam Houston, Sam Rayburn, Ann Richards and President Lyndon Johnson, has apparently changed. When you have a state, Texas, with the poorest voting percentage of any state, you can understand that only if most of those who live in an alternative universe vote, anyone can win.

There is hope for a different future, as the old and white power elite die out and go to that last roundup into the sunset, a different political future will beckon. But in the meantime, Texas offers us a different perspective, a different world. It is Texas after all.



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