Fox is a news network only in name only. Truth is the victim and lies are the calling card. Fox News is nothing other than a propaganda network with a few facts thrown in just to keep the customers satisfied.

The recent handling of the goings on in Charleston, South Carolina illustrate the dilemma Americans face, by having a major news outlet fabricate the news to fit the picture that they want to portray of the America they want and desire. It is an embarrassment to the grand traditions of journalism, as they have attempted to white wash a hate crime by claiming it was something other than what it was and is. A pig is a pig and you can’t turn it into anything other than what it is, and the same can be said for the hate crime that Mr. Roof committed. You might attempt to make it something else but it was caused by hate, encouraged by hate groups. Fox News is an apologist for racism. Their lies would make Goebbels proud. They have succeeded in perfecting the notion that if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it.

President Obama is not to blame for the racism that exists in America today. His election has just brought our racists out into the open. But to hear Fox, you would think that it was the President who is responsible for the terrorist act that took place in Charleston.

Fox is all about white supremacy. They support it with very little criticism of any of the murderous actions of the police in the last several years. They have sold out to the NRA, and seemingly support the ridiculous notion that only if the Pastor and his Congregants had been armed things would have been different. A House of Worship is not a place for guns. And please tell Fox that ISIS had nothing to do with the attempt to start a race war, that the sick young man, Mr. Roof tried to start.

Just when you think Fox could not reach a new low in journalistic standards they surprise us, each and every day. They deserve an A for creative lies. Who is the master story teller of these whoppers, inquiring minds want to know?

I am proud of the way the citizens of Charleston are handling the very real tragedy that their community has experienced. I just wish that Fox could match the class and the real honesty of emotions going on in Charleston, South Carolina. The reporters of Fox are missing the big story. America could very well have reached its limit for tolerating the hate and ugliness that lives among us.


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