Today is America’s 239th birthday, and they said it couldn’t last. I am glad I don’t have to blow out the candles. We owe a lot to our forebears. We have 50 stars now instead of 13. We are a nation, indivisible instead of 13 states. Our nation is unique, it is not perfect, no nation is perfect, even though because we love our country we like to think so. We are forever about working to make our union more perfect. We are unique in that we have citizens from just about everywhere on earth. Our diversity is really our strength.

America! Our country tis of thee, a sweet land of liberty from sea to shining sea. From the wheat fields of Kansas and the cornfields of Iowa to the rugged harbors of Maine to the Cathedral of forests our Redwoods, the giant Sequoias to the coastal redwoods. Music will be played today from the home of the Revolution, Boston, where the Pops are the tops, to the Jazz of New Orleans to the Blues of the Delta. Patriotic music will be played. Hopefully you will hear Copeland’s ode to the Common Man.

A few may seek to disturb our celebration today, but no matter, we must stand resolute, defiant, and not let others detract from our birthday.

May the hope and promise of America be ever encouraging to the people of the world, that they may too enjoy a birth of freedom where each and every person, man or woman can enjoy their natural right to be free from oppression. Each human being irrespective of their nation of origin has the right to have life, liberty and be able to seek their own individual happiness. Yes, the shots at Lexington and Concord were heard around the world. May the echoes of those sounds continue to reverberate around the world until freedom rings for all of us.


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